Current Relics
A.I.R Gallery, New York

Press Release

A.I.R. Gallery is pleased to announce CURRENT RELICS, a solo exhibition of new work by Louise McCagg. The exhibition will run from September 12th to October 6th 2007, with an opening reception on Friday September 14th from 6pm to 8pm.

Louise McCagg's CURRENT RELICS includes three new bronze sculpture series, a group of paper headpieces and plaster masks, together with a video and photographs of an opera performance.

In Gallery I: LPs, is a group of faces on bronze castings of vinyl records, the once ubiquitous long-playing records. Here McCagg uses her own collection of faces, for instance the double portrait of Hungarian composer, Zoltan Kodaly.

TORSO, a group of bronze reduced life-cast torsos; the artist has allowed the shrinking to continue freely with minimal interference in the process unlike her usual method of shrinking.

In ROMANS, McCagg explores the verticality of the ancient Roman form, its severity, pride and rigidity.

In Gallery II, McCagg exhibits cast paper headpieces and plaster masks designed for a contemporary opera 'The Passion of Saint Thomas More' by the Fisher Ensemble of Seattle, WA. McCagg will also be showing a video of the performance, together with C-prints that capture the performers in action.

The Seattle Weekly writes: "McCagg has designed provocative headpieces and hand-held masks to visually punctuate the performance...the overall theatrical effect is of a mask singing through the mouth of its heart."

Louise McCagg was born in Hartford, Connecticut. The artist has exhibited widely both in the United States and internationally at galleries and other venues which have included The Sculpture Center (New York), Gallery 128 (New York), Istvan Kiraly Muzeum (Budapest), Petofi Irodalmi Muzeum (Budapest), 2B Gallery (Budapest) and Sejong Arts Festival (Seoul).

A.I.R. Gallery is located at 511 West 25th Street, NYC. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday 11am-6pm. For information please contact the director, Kat Griefen at 212.255.6651 or

Installation View I
: Installation View I

Installation View II
: Installation View II

Installation View III
Roman Shield, 2006-LP Series, 2007: Installation View III

Bronze, 18x9x5 inches
Scrolls, 2007: Bronze, 18x9x5 inches

Bronze, 11x11x5 inches
Drum, 2006: Bronze, 11x11x5 inches

Bronze, 21x5x6.5 inches
Tripod, 2006: Bronze, 21x5x6.5 inches

Bronze, 21x5x6.5 inches
Triangle, 2006: Bronze, 21x5x6.5 inches

Opera, Installation View
Thomas More Masks for Fisher Ensmbl: Opera, Installation View